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MCP3208 Microchip ADC Breakout Board

Description: Need analog to digital converter for your next project. Here it is, this little breakout board consists of Microchip Analog to Digital converter. Its based on MCP3208 ADC which is 12-bit Analog-to-Digital (A/D) Converter with on-board sample and hold circuitry. Wondering if 12-bit resolution is enough for your task? Yes its more than enough if you are using this with analog sensors. We have used this module with accelerometers, gyros and in inertial measurement units without any problem.

It can convert as many as eight analog channels to digital. Ideal for using where multiple analog inputs are to be measured, this module will free your microcontroller for other tasks and can be polled by microcontroller for converted ADC values. It can be interfaced using SPI protocol.

This breakout board includes 3.3v regulator and indication led which turns on when power is applied.

Silk screen marking is on backside of the board.


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