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Single Layer Presensitized PCB

Description: This is a do it yourself pre-sensitized PCB, excellent for quick prototyping work. If you have never used etching to make your own PCB then we recommend this to you. It requires few simple steps to make your PCB at home. Just print your layout on the transparency film provided, place it on this board and expose it. Next use developer to fix so that it can be etched. Finally etch the board using Ferric Chloride.

  • High Sensitive photo resist coated
  • short exposing time
  • 60-90 second (UV Light)
  • 7-10min (Fluorescent/CF lamp)
  • color varied after exposure
  • Paper Phenolic Single Sided
  • Size: 10X15CM
  • Kinsten Single Layer Presensitized PCB
  • Developer
  • Transparency Film
Watch this tutorial on how to make your own circuits using presensitized boards.

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